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Donald Trump battled his way to the presidency with the same ruthless swagger that has defined him for decades. But as an astrologer, I see a roadblock ahead. And as I read his chart, Trump may well be on the verge of a major reversal of fortune tied to how his stars and planets align with one of the great zodiacal transitions of our age.

Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation known as Leo. It has long been the most revered star in foretelling the future of leaders and nations. The Great Royal Star also imposes a strict code of conduct on those whose fortunes it rules. As a result, if someone regulated by Regulus abuses the royal birthright conferred upon him—by, say, abusing his power or seeking revenge on others—he often can expect a severe, even ruinous, setback.

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On August 21, , a solar eclipse will occur on the exact point in the sky as the star Regulus. This brings into sharp relief the strange destiny of Donald Trump. It just so happens that Trump has Regulus on the same degree of his rising sign: 29 degrees Leo. Therefore, whatever happens to Regulus also happens to Donald Trump. This solar eclipse, will expedite events in Trumps life and may augur life-changing consequences.

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  5. On August 21st, , there was an eclipse on Regulus: 29 degrees Leo. Eric Morse, , p. As shown above, even conjunct Saturn in a chart, blessings abound. Also, remember Saturn is exalted in Libra, where the beautiful fixed star sits now, near 24 degrees, due to precession. As the MH rules career, with Spica placed there, she become a Princess, and world-renowned and loved, but other negative aspects in her chart could not be alleviated. Although her life was cut short and she died too young, she still did much good in the world for many and was blessed with two wonderful sons who were Princes themselves.

    Thank you for an awesome site, Jamie! In just a few days, Venus herself will transit over 24 degrees of Libra, conjoining the benevolent fixed star Spica, then going retrograde herself, finally moving from an evening star, and becoming a morning star for a bit. Much planet movement to and fro lately, retrograde and direct! Mars went direct just today. It seems fitting this subject and this column was resurrected just in time for us to note these blessed sky movements. Peace and love to all! Seems like the Leo connotation of pride and need to be in charge would be magnified:?

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    Eisenhower was truly blessed with a benevolent and peacekeeping nature then and certainly worked for the highest good of all in what he did, and would be considered a double Libra, meaning any two of the same sign in the three main factors in a chart, Sun, Asc,. There are two other combinations to being a double sign, and without looking at the rest of the chart, these are just broad suggestions. Look at Mick Jagger, a true Leo!

    He was interesting and a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for the insight on Mr. Eisenhower, too, very interesting! Hope people will share how Spica affects their natal charts!

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    Jamie, how does it sit in yours?! Thank you! Sounds like a great move. Marijuana was made legal in Canada on Oct 17, Undoubtably taking advantage of Spica and Arcturus. That would be interesting to follow up. Probably in the new year I have added it to my research list. Hopefully I can find a time of day for the law or announcement. In medical astrology, Saturn is supposed to rule marijuana, but then Ceres rules herbs.

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    Spica makes a lot of sense in the chart. Ceres is associated with Spica. Im using midnight Ottawa. Menu Skip to content. Venus with Regulus can also give friends and partners in prominent postions, but is supposed to lead to disappointments in love affairs. Venus in the 12 th is. Planetary conjunctions with stars can also be used in mundane charts to help make predictions about current events. Mercury is generally considered to rule over the sports of running and cycling. Armstrong also went on to beat that record with his seventh consecutive win in In that entire history, Mercury was in exact conjunction to Regulus on the final day of the race in.

    He started teaching classes in both western sidereal and Jyotish techniques in and was instrumental in the initial introduction of Jyotish in the United States. He currently resides in southern Oregon where he continues to teach and advise an international clientele. He may be reached by email at: shastra gotsky. Jyotish Star Copyright C.