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In fact the highest score was of twenty-four hits by a single astrologer followed by twenty-two hits by two astrologers. The remaining twenty-four astrologers all scored twenty hits or less, including one professional astrologer who found thirty-seven intelligent and three undecided so none were mentally handicapped! The average for all twenty-seven astrologers was So much for the benefits of their average fourteen years of experience! Certainly no scientific theory would survive such a poor success rate!

The institution whose team of astrologers had judged all horoscopes got hits, of which fifty-one were bright and fifty-one were mentally handicapped, so their judgments were, again, no better than tossing a coin. Tragically, our statistician, Sudhakar Kunte, died in an accident in , and the security he imposed on data storage has so far made it difficult for us to perform further tests, such as whether the astrologers agreed on their judgments, whether they could pick high IQ better than low, and whether the three astrological methods used Nirayan, Sayan, Krishnamurty differed in success rate.

We hope that the access to this data will eventually be possible. In Clark twenty astrologers averaged 72 percent hits for ten cases of high IQ paired with cerebral palsy, but this famous result could not be replicated by Joseph , where twenty-three astrologers averaged only 53 percent hits for ten cases of high IQ when paired with the severely mentally handicapped. It is also consistent with the few tests of Western astrologers who practice Vedic astrology, for example Dudley Our experiment with twenty-seven Indian astrologers judging forty horoscopes each, and a team of astrologers judging horoscopes, showed that none were able to tell bright children from mentally handicapped children better than chance.

Our results contradict the claims of Indian astrologers and are consistent with the many tests of Western astrologers. In summary, our results are firmly against Indian astrology being considered as a science. The Department of Statistics, Pune University, and the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune, provided infrastructural support while this experiment was being conducted. A brief account appeared in Current Science 96 5 , —, My special thanks to Geoffrey Dean of Perth, Western Australia, for providing information on tests of Western astrology as well as giving me a general background of astrology in the West versus the East.

Babylonian omen ideas arrived in India around BC during the Persian occupation, followed, around AD, by Greek astrological ideas based on planets. To these were added new ideas to suit Indian culture.

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The end result was largely the Indian astrology still in use today, which exists in numerous schools disagreeing over details most schools of astrology, Indian or Western, disagree over details. The main differences from Western astrology are a preoccupation with reincarnation and karma, use of the sidereal zodiac instead of the tropical zodiac they now differ by nearly one sign due to precession , exclusion of the non-classical planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in favor of the two lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu, use of twenty-seven lunar mansions or nakshatras, and progressively smaller and smaller subdivisions of the signs Stein and Rao Braha , xiii warns that the complexity can be dealt with only by intuition and experience, so Indian astrology cannot be properly learnt from books.

But tests of Western astrologers have found that neither self-rated use of intuition nor experience raise their success rate above chance Dean and Kelly So why should Indian astrologers be any different? At one time Rao ran a computer horoscope service but without predictions. According to ancient Hindu texts, each believer has 8,, rebirths from which they are released only by attaining enlightenment. At say, fifty years per birth, and no change over time, the allocated rebirths span more than million years, roughly the age of the earliest hominids. But some come close. For example Rakesh Anand used astrology to make several important decisions in his life, but the results were disastrous.

So he prepared horoscopes for twenty-four celebrities and nine personal friends, changed their names, and was able to get astrologers from everywhere in far northern India to predict their life and events. But none succeeded. For example, they predicted no political career from the horoscope of George Bush and no big money from the horoscope of Bill Gates. For details, visit www. The above chapter accused me of venturing into areas I had not investigated and was therefore ignorant of.

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For example, I had made the supposedly inexcusable mistake of declaring that astrology was not a science. I hope the present investigation can set the record straight. Braha, J. Miami: Hermetician Press. Dean, G. The case for and against astrology. Farha ed. Is astrology relevant to consciousness and psi? Journal of Consciousness Studies 10 6—7 : — Mather, and I. Stein, editor, Encyclopedia of the Paranormal , Prometheus Books.

Dudley, J. An attempt to predict accidental death with Vedic astrology. Correlation 14 2 : 7— Twenty road deaths vs controls gave 11 hits vs 10 expected by chance. Joseph, R.

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A Vernon Clark-model experiment distinguishing exceptionally gifted high performance from profoundly retarded low performance children. The book is in its 26th edition and begins with a foreword. It is divided into chapters and the details are explained in a sequential manner. The first chapter in the book talks about the requisites of Astrology and the second chapter deals with the creation of a horoscope.

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The next few chapters reveal the clues that help in assessing one s duration of life and also the time of possible death. The book also gives tips on how to find out about one s personality, characteristics, mental state, physical wellness, and maladies through astrology. The later chapters in the book talk about the ways of learning about one s academic, financial, and personal life.

It might be necessary to take enough precautions on the health front for you and family members.

Frequent ailments are likely, so it is best that you take preventive care. There can be a tendency to turn The astrological emagazine.

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You will be able to make a mark with your inner circle and you can become popular. Spending time on subjects of your interest can help you specialize and get more knowledge. A change of place is possible and some of you will face domestic challenges. A tendency to turn academic can help you advance. Youngsters should not try to outreach their ambitions. Concentration or the lack of it is a challenge that is likely to hurt you all the time.

Those of you wanting to pursue advanced studies should spend extra efforts and prepare in advance. Aswini: Bereavement is possible.

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Enmity can hamper your domestic life and can affect your profession. It would be essential to use a pragmatic approach to solving issues. Trying to overstep on your abilities can be detrimental. Bharani: You might be able to get good recognition for your efforts.

Professional pursuits can help you progress. Enmity and misunderstanding with loved ones will affect you. Your temperament can cause much trouble in relationship.

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Normally, I set the Sun in the first house to set the time for the first daylight of the New Year. I also consider the rising sign for midnight as well. For world predictions I move the location to different parts of the world.

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This changes the sequence of planetary periods for the year. Also, when I can get the data, I look at a country's chart and see how that chart looks for the year especially for pivotal events, such as elections in India, Europe, United States, China, Turkey, Germany, the UK and Japan. I find one generally agreed upon chart will produce a sufficient reference point for accurate prediction.

I also look at astrocartography charts to look at potential hot spots around the world and focus on them. I will start with world events then give an overview of the year by Vedic sign. All of the indications are as precise as I can generate.