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The new constellation, known as Ophiuchus the serpent holder , is located between Aquila, Serpens and Hercules, northwest of the centre of the Milky Way, and will take the number of zodiac signs from 12 to American space agency Nasa says that the Babylonians, who used a month lunar calendar around 3, years ago, were aware of this 13th constellation.

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But they conveniently left the Ophiuchus out as they could not accommodate it in their calendar. They picked 12 constellations in the zodiac, one for each of the 12 'slices'. So, as earth orbits the sun, the sun would appear to pass through each of the 12 parts of the zodiac.

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Since the Babylonians already had a month calendar based on the phases of the moon , each month got a slice of the zodiac all to itself," NASA noted in a blog earlier this year. It further said that the direction of earth's axis has changed over the past three millennia, which means that those constellations are no longer in the same spots today as they were 3, years ago.

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So, if your birthday is anywhere between November 29 and December 17, you will be Ophiuchus, not a Sagittarius. Giving a space to the new member between Scorpio and Sagittarius may unsettle the entire zodiac system. The internet has been abuzz with speculations about the new star sign, especially after reports surfaced that NASA has already added the 13th constellation to the zodiac.

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  4. After the induction of the new member, 86 per cent of people will have a new zodiac sign, says a leading lifestyle website. Those born under the Ophiuchus sign will have the best of both worlds. Ophiuchus, unlike other signs, does not have an opposite and so there are no polar experiences. Ever wondered why a Leo person, who is supposed to be cheerful and humorous, ends up being emotional and persuasive?


    He may actually be a Cancer-born! A horoscope zodiac sign being dominated by water means that the sign is completely mutable and values emotions. Some water element dominated signs also are known for their various creative intellects, as well as their ability to adapt to change.

    The symbol of the sign is a man carrying a snake hence the term Serpent-carrier. The Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign is a completely new sign.

    OPHIUCHUS – General qualities and traits

    To say that it completely changes the game is a bit of an understatement, especially since most of the signs experienced quite a bit of reshuffling for themselves. Details can be found below:. The Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign is dealing with quite a bit of character traits here. The horoscope zodiac signs compatible with Ophiuchus are a complete mix of Air, Water and Earth dominated signs.

    What month is the Ophiuchus sign?

    If you follow the old traits of the zodiac signs, you can generally tell that a Capricorn is generally a workaholic; Pisces is a day-dreamer; Cancer is extremely possessive; and Libra is an intellectual which tries to balance everything. This relationship will indeed work because they know each other too well to get in the way of each other. They love new challenges, and they really hate it when they become stagnant, which is why they can travel a lot and spend a lot of time going new places to experience new things. They are also in agreement when it comes to their secrets — they will never talk about it because they do not want to dive into their own secrets.

    8 Fun facts on Ophiuchus, the 13th zodiac sign

    The horoscope zodiac sign of Capricorn is a completely career and goal driven sign, not unlike the highly competitive and goal oriented Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign. They will definitely get along because they both want the same thing, to be at the top of their game, either in career or their personal lives. They also mesh well intellectually, especially since a Capricorn loves intellectual and creative conversations, which an Ophiuchus has a lot to offer. The Pisces horoscope sign is considered to be the best compatible sign of an Ophiuchus, because they have a lot of common.

    Horoscope Hang-Up: Earth Rotation Changes Zodiac Signs

    Both are day-dreamers because of their creativity, both of them have the ability to adapt to their environments, both of them are mutable and both of them value emotions and feelings. Their best qualities can offset their worst qualities and vice versa. This can be clearly considered as a match made in heaven. The Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign has certainly found a soul mate when they choose to be in a relationship with a Cancer.

    You may get to a point where the pressure is unbearable, and then you will make a sudden break for freedom. You may suddenly leave a relationship, an oppressive job, or your place of residence, without warning anyone. Crazy times ahead for the 13th sign.

    Horoscope change 2011: Sidereal astrology reveals 13th OPHIUCHUS zodiac sign

    But you'll be in good company, as these famous folks also fall under the spell of the serpent:. Image via Wikipedia. April Peveteaux January 13, at PM.

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