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I go to mention some Good Omens and some Bad Omens here. This is for your own knowledge only. If you have any suggestion or comments then pls.

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Disease or Trouble: Spilling of boiling milk indicates minor accident or Tension. Spilling of wine indicates disaster. Cracks in wall of house means a big trouble is around the corner.

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Money Gain or Money Loss: Spilling of water indicates imminent financial gain. Signs of Death: A dog or Cats wail is a sign of bad news. If a person looks like a dead body when asleep, it indicates imminent death. If you are not able to see your reflection in the water then it means death is very near. Your clock stops time to time then it means any bad news is about to come. Page 4 of 6. Intuition through Dream: If bad dreams continue to bother you daily it indicates you are suffering from any sinful planet. Quickly do a remedy for this.

To see your own death in dreams means a sign of the dignity and freedom from disease. If you see fire in dreams then be careful something harmful is going to happen. To see yourself climbing at high altitude means impending Promotion, Business Expansion, Promotion in Job or you are about to buy a big thing.

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To see fruit in dreams indicates child birth. To see any animal attacks on you in dreams indicate, be careful somebody can harm you or can put you in trouble. To see water in dreams is a sign of growth in your Bank Balance.

To see yourself in sky or travel by Aero plane indicates sudden financial gain. To see yourself crying in dreams is a sign of ecstasy. To step up a ladder in dreams means Promotion and your prestige will spreads. To step down a ladder means you will have to struggle.

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This is the biggest of all planets. This represents yellow color. Jupiter is a auspicious natural planet and wherever it resides it sanctifies that place.

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Prominent persons at religious place are under the effect of this planet. All Pilgrimages are under Jupiter influence. Scholars who religiously follow Brahman Dharma. Persons influenced by Jupiter can be Well Built or overweight. They usually have big bodies. They lie but in twisting way. They have control on anger. They are not of vindictive nature. Their character and behavior is diplomat and simple. This is the reason whoever Jupiter effects will be strong.

If Jupiter is with any sinful planet then a person can be a lawyer who always supports unethical things, corrupt politician, Gold Smuggler, Bribe official or Sorcerer. Chandrama symbolizes mother.

In Horoscope this Planet has special significance because all intellectuals come under this. Persons who are affected with Moon have Feminine qualities in plenty. These persons can live their living by doing feminine related business. If your Moon is favorable then you are able to make quick decisions and your self confidence makes all tasks easy. Your childhood will be good. Your mothers blessings will always remain with you.

But if your Moon is not favorable then you will feel opposite reaction to all the tasks which are related to Moon. Page 5 of 6. The Mystery Behind Numerology: According to Horoscope Numbers are those adjective associated with our life who not only effects our life but also foretell our future.

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By Numerology we can easily understand our future. Numerology is a subject which can be understood without thorough study of Astrology. Any person who has average knowledge of astrology can make accurate forecasts with the help of numerology. At least you can know for yourself which number will be fruitful for you. First of all lets understand numbers and their related key planets.

Number 1 represents Sun. Number 2 represents Moon, number 3 Jupiter, number 4 Harshal, number 5 Budh, number 6 Shukra, number 7 Neptune, number 8 Shani and number 9 represents Mars. Like a special day when you achieved something, when you completed your studies, got your degree, your marriage date, which day you met your soul mate, your spouses birth date, your first childs birth date, The day when you got your biggest happiness, your first jobs joining date, your transfer date, your promotion date etc.

Numerology tells about good and bad both. Now note down some important bad incidents when you lost something. Like some family related incidents or disputes. When you have all the important dates of your life with you then you can fix a number for yourself. There is always a certain number in everybodys life which repeats itself in the form of incidents.

For example persons who born on 9, 18 and 27 date will experience that something bad of good happens on the same dates. Whatever good happens with one of my relative that is always on 6, 14 and 23 date. By reading this you can easily find out that number 6 brings happiness while number 3 brings problems and disputes. If you look at this closely you can understand that without the help of any astrologer you can do your important work on your lucky dates which have your lucky number. And you can also avoid bad number dates to do anything new. By this way you can easily sort out which number is good for you and which is bad.

To escape from a bad number you can fix your house no. Number speaks, we only need to understand what they say.


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